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A: Inrfaorbital Nerve & B: Mandibular Nerve

Seat of lumbar epidural analgesia (lumbosacral)

A & D: Infraorbital nerve, B: Mandibular nerve, C: Mental nerve, E: Supraorbital nerve, an F: Auriculopalpebral nerve

Seat of lumbar epidural analgesia (lumbosacral)

A & B: Infraorbital nerve, D: Mandibular nerve, C: Mental nerve, E: Supraorbital nerve, and F: Auriculopaplebral nerve

Effect of lumbar epidural analgesia (lumbosacral)

Cornual nerve

Sample Photo 8

Auriculopalpebral nerve

Sample Photo 10

A: Cornual nerve and B: Auriculopalpebral nerve

Sample Photo 12

Left infratrochlear and right lacrimal nerve (cornual nerves)

A: Infratrochlear and B: Lacrimal nerve (cornual nerves)

White area is area of analgesia after high volar nerve block

A: High volar and B: Low volar

Left: Anterior tibial nerve and Right: Posterior tibial nerve

A: Posterior tibial nerve and B: Anterior tibial nerve

The three red arrows are seat of paravertibral block, the inverted red L is the site of inverted L block, and the green line is the site of local infiltration for rumenotomy

Seat of caudal epidural analgesia