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Photo Gallery

This is ventral urethrotomy technique in 300 kg bull and the stone located prescrotal, so the incision that was made for laparotomy was used for incision of the prepuce too. The technique has many advantages including;

1-The superficial location of the stone

2-The easier detection of the stone

3-No posibility of injury of dorsal penile artries, veins, or nerves

However this technique has many disadvantages including;

1-The suture is applied to an area that already has pressure necrosis

2-If the animal is young (less than 100 kg) there will be

a-Higher posibility of leakage of urine from the seat of urethrotomy either due to improper suturing or improper healing of necrotic urethra

b-Stenosis of the urethra

3-Proper suturing of the urethra is so difficult

4-The success rate does not exceed 70%

1-Incision of the prepuce for exteriorization of the penis

2-Incision of the urethra directly (venteral urethrotomy)

3-The stone appears through the urethral incision, notice the superficial position of the stone

4-Suturing of the urethra by Dexon 2/0 (one raw)

5-Complete suturing of the urethra

6-The urethra after complete suturing and lubrication with mastalone

7-Suturing of the preputeal incision, then the technique continues as the dorsal urethrotomy technique in the previous webpage (dorsal urethrotomy)