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Photo Gallery

a: Upper eyelid, b: Lower eyelid, c: Cilia, d: Meibomuan gland, e: Nictitanting membrane, f: Cornea, g: Conjunctiva, h: Anterior chamber, i: Pupil, j: Posterior chamber, k: Iris, l: Ciliary body, m: Zonulasr fibers, n: Lens, o: Vitreous chamber, p: Retina, q: Chroid, r: Sclera, s: Optic nerve, and t: Orbit.

Recently sutured lacerated wound of the lower eyelid of cattle calf

Old lacerated infected wound of the upper eyelid in a bull

Old lacerated wound with skin loss in ewe

Recent wound with hemorrhage in camel


Abscess in the lower eyelid in a bull, L: Lower eyelid with abscess

Senile ectropion in the lower eyelid in a ram

Chalazion in the lower eyelid in a horse

Papilloma in the upper eyelid of a calf

Sarcoid in the left eye of donkey

SCC and hemangioma in an old cow

SCC and adenoma in the upper eyelid in a cow

Abscess in the upper eyelid in a ewe