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Photo Gallery

Dermoid over the bulbar surface of nictitating membrane in a calf. h: Fine hair, d: Dermoid

Limbal dermoid  in cow (fine hair with no signs of irritation)

Hairless limbal dermoid in a donkey

Catarrhal conjunctivitis in buffalo calf

Catarrhal conjunctivitis in camel

Parasitic conjunctivitis due to habronemiasis in horse, arrow 1 denots caseous nodule, F: Fistula in the lacrimal sac

Parasitic conjunctivitis due to habronemiasis in horse, arrow  denots caseous nodule

Purulent conjunctivitis in calf

Retrobulbar (subconjunctival) abscess in the lateral canthus of a calf

Retrobulbar (subconjunctival) in the medial canthus of a buffalo calf

Prolapsed nictitans gland in a buffalo

Early SCC in the 3rd eyelid of a cow (notice absence of pigmintation of the margin of the 3rd eyelid)

Advances SCC in a cow with obliteration of the eyeball

Follicular conjunctivitis in ewe