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Photo Gallery

This is a low perineal urethrostomy performed in 270 kg bull under request of the owner. This technique has many disadvantages including;

1-The higher posibility of ascending cystitis

2-The price of the animal decreses

3-Animal can not be used for breeding

4-The fistula can be obliterated after 4-6 months

5-Urine scaldes over the medial ascpects of hind limbs

1-Low perineal incision directly above scrotum

2-Grasping of the penis through the perineal incision

3-Incision of the urethra at a level higher than the lodged stone

4-Fixation of the urethra to the surrounding skin (urethrostomy) by silk

5-Insertion of Rayle's tube retrograde into the bladder, and insertion of peice of guaze into the urethra to control bleeding

6-The tube in the bladder and the urine comes out through it

7-The tube is trimmed and the urine comes out through it

8-The animal standing directly after operation, notice the position of the low perineal urethrostomy