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Dorsal urethrotomy technique

This is an animal suffering from urine retention as a result of urethrolithiasis. The animal was subjected to urethrotomy and laparotomy by dorsal urethrotomy technique. This technique has the advantages of easier suturing of the urethra (body of the penis), lower incidence of leakage as the seat of suture has no necrosis and wide enough, and no possibility of stenosis as the urethra doesn't involved in suturing process. However this technique is not as easy as ventral urethrotomy technique and need higher experience not to injury the dorsal penile artery, veins, and nerves

1-Detection of seat of the stone under effect of epidural analgesia, at the postscrotal region

16-Prepubic laparotomy for evacuation of uroperitoneum

2-Perineal incision at postscrotal region of exteriorization of the stone

17-Urine escape from the abdomenal cavity after incision of peritonieum

3-Exteriorization of the penis by blunt dissection

18-Grasping of the urinary bladder and exposure of seat of rupture

4-Application of two turniquet anterior and posterior to the seat of the stone for induction of congestion of the dorsal penile veins

19-After cleaning of the bladder from other stones and clotted blood, a Rayle's Tube is inserted into the neck of the bladder till reaching the external urethral orifice

5-Sharp dissection between veins for exposure of the dorsal surface of the body of the penis

20-The stylet of the tube is removed and the tube is finisterated with scissor to avoid its blockage

6-Pushing of veins and nerves to one side and exposure of the dorsal surface of the penis

21-The tube is placed inside the bladder

7-Incision of the penis with exposure of the stone

22-The baldder is sutured with chromic cat gut in Lembert pattern

8-Removal of the stone by forceps

23-Abdomenal muscles are sutured with chromic cat gut

9-Suturing of the penile incision by Vicryl 5/0 (frist raw)

24-Subcutecular suturing

10-Suturing of the penile incision by Vicryl 5/0 (frist raw)

25-Suturing of the skin by silk

11-Suturing of the penile incision by Vicryl 5/0 (second raw)

26-Application of cover moisted with Betadine

12-The penis directly after suturing

27-Fixation of the tube to the glans penis to avoid slepage

13-The penis after complete suturing of the dorsal incision and removal of turniquet

28-The animal directly after the operation, notice the urine in the ground under him

14-The penis is put back to its normal position after removal of gauze turniquet, washing with saline, and lubrication with mastalone

29-Removal of catheter after 3 days and removal of silk after 10 days (another animal)

15-Suturing of lower perineal incision (post-scrotal) by silk

30-Directly after removal of silk

31-The animal is normal again!!!!!!!!!!!